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Reading the Rocks.

Reading the Rocks.

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Mary E. White.

A very well written and illustrated account of ancient environments and the plants and animals that once lived in what is now Australia and New Zealand. Describes antipodean life in the Palaeozoic era including coal swamps at the south pole and the mass extinction event at the end of the era. The section on the Mesozoic era describes the dinosaurs of the warm south pole and then the gradual breakup of Gondwana. Finally, there is a description of the Cenozoic era, the emergence of New Zealand and the subsequent great ice age. Interesting and engaging text with many fine photographs. First published in 1990.

Kangaroo Press, Sydney, 1999 reprint.

ISBN 9780731808069

Hardback with dust jacket. 256 pages.

SECONDHAND. Fine condition.

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