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Icones Pleurothallidinarum, Volumes I to VI.

Icones Pleurothallidinarum, Volumes I to VI.

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Carlyle A. Luer.

Six volumes, each with one colour photograph and numerous line drawings. Each volume features the taxonomy of the relevant genus and includes a botanical key. These orchids are all native to tropical America, from southern Mexico and Florida to southern Brazil.

Volume I. Systematics of the Pleurothallidinae. 81 pages.

Volume II. Systematics of Masdevallia. 63 pages.

Volume III. Systematics of Pleurothallis. 109 pages.

Volume IV. Systematics of Acostaea, Condylago and Porroglossum. 91 pages.

Volume V. Systematics of Dresslerella and Scaphosepalum. 111 pages.

Volume VI. Systematics of Pleurothallis. Ancipitia, Scopula and Trisetella. 125 pages.

Missouri Botanical Garden, USA, 1986-89.

SECONDHAND. Good condition.

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