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William Curtis. Introduction by Martyn Rix.

A superb collection of over 500 hand coloured plates from the Curtis Botanical Magazine, spanning the period from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century. Begun in 1787, The Botanical Magazine was intended to popularise and encourage the cultivation of the many new, and sometimes rare, plants flooding into Britain from all over the world. Thus the magazine charted developments in botanical exploration and changing garden fashion. The majority of the plates are from the early years when most plants illustrated were from Europe and the United States. Plants from other regions, including New Zealand are also included. The plates are arranged in alphabetical order by family. An outstanding tribute to Curtis and his famous magazine.  

Size 360mmx280mmx35mm. An extremely large heavy book.

Studio Editions Ltd., London, 1991.

ISBN 9781851706341

Hardback with french folded dust jacket. 288 pages, heavy art paper.

SECONDHAND. Fine condition.

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